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Do You Struggle Lifting The Scooter Or Wheelchair?

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People Struggle With Lifting The Scooter Or Wheelchair

We can help! Talk to us to arrange your requirements for your New car hoist.


Lifting my scooter or powerchair

Mobility scooters and power chairs have helped thousands of people to get out and about in their local community, but limited battery life and the challenge of loading them into a vehicle means that venturing further afield is a different matter.


We can arrange and fit an unparalled range of supremely versatile hoists capable of lifting your mobility device effortlessly into the back of your current car, whether you drive a hatchback, estate, MPV or 4x4. As long as the opening into the boot is large enough to take your scooter or powerchair, we have the product for you – from our Smartlifter LC Range, right up to our awesome Smartlifter LP Range.

Driving aids

We offer a wide range of driving aids and hand controls, to ensure that a vehicle remains easily operable when being used by a disabled driver. These come in a number of shapes and sizes, all especially designed to allow a user to work around specific impairments to movement and function.


The majority of the driving aids available from us either increase the ease with which a vehicle can be controlled with your hands, or allow for more functions to be handled without the use of your feet; essentially removing pedal control, for drivers who are unable to effectively make use of it.


We also offer left foot acceleration adaptations, allowing a driver who is unable to use both feet for pedal control, to use their left leg to both brake and accelerate.

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